Kai presented at 6th Annual Southern California Systems Biology Conference

Kai was selected to present the labs progress on “Reconstructing the Lineage Hierarchies within the Human Breast Epithelium in Single Cell Resolution”.

This 1-day regional conference provides an annual opportunity for leading research groups from southern California to showcase their current research activities in any area relevant to Systems Biology. Consequently the scientific themes presented range widely from theory and basic research, to cutting edge methods and “big data” analyses, as well as applied research innovations, across a rich tapestry of model systems investigating complex biological interactions and phenomena including: gene and genome regulation, evolutionary genetics, developmental biology, physiology, complex traits and disease models, neuroscience, synthetic biology, bioinformatics, and computational and mathematical modeling.
The conference program hosts distinguished faculty speakers from more than ten southern California academic research institutions and provides an opportunity for students and postdocs to present their research projects during the poster session or as selected short talks.